Myrtle Consulting Group is built on more than 25 years of hands-on experience delivering performance improvement to the world’s leading food and beverage, consumer products and life science organizations. We have unmatched expertise in providing leading-edge solutions and services with a tailored approach to address clients’ unique opportunities and challenges:

Shop Floor Leadership: We help safeguard lean success by utilizing tools and techniques to improve behavior, streamline communication and facilitate sound decision-making.

Production Optimization (OEE):  Increase operational efficiency by decreasing equipment downtime. We have proven expertise in using OEE to optimize utilization of production assets and maximize production capacity.

Maintenance & Reliability:  The operation can be a strain or an effective unit. We use state-of-the-art techniques to identify, record, plan, schedule, stage and execute repairs. We guide clients by encouraging teamwork between production, sanitation and maintenance staff so everyone understands how to address consistent patterns.

Compliance Management:  We implement tools to plan, operate, maintain and improve good manufacturing processes and standard operating processes related to food safety and quality management systems. We work with client teams to bridge gaps and install control mechanisms to sustain improvements.

Lean Six Sigma:  We know precisely how to incorporate Lean Six Sigma to eliminate waste and output variations. We select projects that are tied to operational metrics and provide active coaching for belts, champions, functional managers, supervisors and shop floor operators.

Sanitation Efficiency:  Sanitation is often under-emphasized and inconsistent, leading to issues such as poor product quality, increased production time, equipment damage and operational delays. Our step-by-step, fine-tuned sanitation programs are carried out with military precision.

Logistics and Warehousing:  We improve operations and management by focusing on techniques to improve logistical accuracy in areas such as invoicing, packaging and shipping. Our lean warehousing methods help clients balance shift patterns and resources against shipping/receiving cycles.

Management Systems:  Accountability and proactive communication must be constant. We leverage powerful metrics and key performance indicators to assess existing management systems, identify gaps and produce behavior changes at all employee levels.