Lean-Six-Sigma-460x308Lean Six Sigma


Client Challenge

The biggest challenge in implementing Lean Six Sigma is changing the culture and getting employees to be open to a new way of doing business. Many times organizations do not know how to support the initiative. Senior managers are working to prioritize objectives. Meanwhile middle managers become overwhelmed and believe Lean Six Sigma is extra work. The shop floor workers are confused by the mixed messages and are not sure what to think.

Another issue that we encounter is a lack of data to support proper project selection and execution. We work with a proprietary technology to bring visibility to the “black box.” This allows us to use real-time information to drive actions that address problems.

Myrtle Approach

We know precisely how to incorporate Lean Six Sigma to eliminate waste and output variations. The Myrtle Consulting Group addresses value acceleration by deploying Lean principles such as waste elimination, improving unit velocity, and empowering employees to address problems at their level. We select projects that are tied to operational metrics and provide active coaching for belts, champions, functional managers, supervisors and shop floor operations. The objective of Myrtle Consulting Group is to drive continuous improvement projects for our clients.

We perform a strategic alignment through an assessment of the company’s management system to create a program. Once a program is designed, our consultants provide training and certification courses, define roles and responsibilities and coach employees to meet the needs of the company. In the end, we deliver transformative results.