female-warehouse-400x300Logistics, Warehousing & Material Movement


Client Challenge

Inventory management is a critical task to get right. Excessive and/or non-moving inventory ties-up working capital and can hinder customer satisfaction. On the other hand, insufficient inventory and slow replenishment can lead to lost sales.

Myrtle Consulting Group analyzes demand history to provide solutions for stock holding quantities with appropriate minimum/maximum levels. This can increase turns, while reducing or maintaining acceptable operations support system (OSS) levels and inventory carrying costs.

Myrtle Approach

Material handling proficiencies can be gleaned by improving receiving, put-away, picking, shipping processes and procedures. Balancing shift patterns and resources against production and shipping schedules can also have a significant impact.

Myrtle Consulting Group knows order fulfillment can directly influence customer satisfaction. Our consultants help implement robust processes and related management systems that work to ensure order accuracy, on-time delivery and correct invoicing and minimize damage during shipping.