Maintenance-And-ReliabilityMaintenance & Reliability


Client Challenge

Planned maintenance should be scheduled when production is down for changeover, sanitation, after hours or during a planned shutdown. It is a routine practice, but plays an integral role in reducing breakdowns and extending service life of equipment.

A proactive maintenance strategy allows an organization to plan and schedule resources, perform LOTO, permitting and stage material to ensure work is methodically planned and coordinated. The ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach is ineffective and often leads to breakdowns, disruption, suspect quality and higher running costs.

Preventative programs apply systematic inspection, detection and correction of incipient failures before breakdowns occur, or before they develop into major operational issues. Reliability results from collaboration between production, sanitation and maintenance staff to determine bad actors, track availability, apply root cause analysis and implement a coordinated approach to cleaning, autonomous and planned maintenance.

Myrtle Approach

The primary role of maintenance is to support production. Successful organizations do this via the use of techniques to identify, record, plan, schedule, stage and execute repairs.

Myrtle Consulting Group analyzes equipment and implements reliability philosophies that best address the expected pattern of failure. Our consultants ensure all team members glean an understanding of the techniques and how to install a maintenance and reliability management system to maintain consistency.