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Client Challenge

Myrtle Consulting Group knows your management systems are essential to understanding operational performance. Symptoms of broken management systems include the perceived lack of accountability at all levels, the inability to understand the operation at a shift, daily or weekly frequency, the lack of meaningful operational metrics, inconsistent employee engagement and/or the inability to celebrate accomplishments after a productive day in the operation, which can often be attributed to an unclear definition of success. When management systems are not aligned to organizational layers, it can result in confusion of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. Management systems should enable consistent processes and accountability and streamline informed decision making and responsiveness by employing key performance indicators (KPIs) and visual management. The following questions can be valuable for evaluating your existing management systems:

  • Do leaders know what they are accountable for and how to utilize KPI’s for decision making and visual management?
  • Are meetings valuable and aligned to maximize the time invested?
  • Are the reasons for meetings clear and concise?
  • Do you understand the KPI’s and why they are important?

Your answers may explain whether or not your organization’s management systems are effective.

Myrtle Approach

Myrtle Consulting Group believes a management system is only as strong as its weakest link. An effective management system will have a profound positive impact on the performance of your operations. We will train your teams on the key components of an effective management system and collaborate with you to identify gaps and assess the quality of existing pieces. By working hand-in-hand with all levels of your operation, we will develop any missing elements. Myrtle consultants will then coach teams on the effective use of the new and improved management system.