Product-Optimization-OEEProduct Optimization (OEE)


Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) evaluates effectiveness of a manufacturing operation relative to its capacity. OEE is a powerful metric, but is underutilized in the food and beverage, consumer products and life sciences industries.

OEE represents production performance in three key performance indicators (KPI):

  • Rate
  • Quality
  • Availability or Runtime

Myrtle Consulting Group deploys proven improvement tools and techniques such as short interval controls, visual boards, escalation processes, startup management and/or single minute exchange of dies (SMED) methodology to improve efficiency of operations. We understand OEE drives the increased utilization of production assets and supports the overall management of production capacity. If OEE aligns with your organization’s vision, our consultants will work to support its deployment and utilization in your operation.

Client Challenge

Rate loss frequently occurs when production line speed or fill percentage is decreased below standard specifications. Speeds are often randomly reduced in an attempt to improve product quality or consistency of equipment operation. Generally, changes are not systematic and losses are not fully monitored or understood.

Quality problems such as underweights, mis-shapes, poor color, incomplete enrobing, poor texture or consistency are shown in poor yield and in the scrap bin. Overweight problems typically result from poor process control. Overages can be costly, particularly when expensive ingredients, like chocolate, are used.

Availability losses are the result of unexpected downtime caused by unplanned maintenance, lack of raw materials and/or labor and lengthy start-up, changeovers and/or sanitation.

Myrtle Approach

Rate problems demonstrate the need for parameter optimization. Parameters can be optimized statistically to make the system more adverse to variation.  Quality shortfalls require focus. Identifying the source of every loss, analyzing root causes and eradicating the most significant issues is key.  Availability losses can stem from a lack of teamwork, organization and/or structure. Myrtle consultants instill activity coordination and tight operation control at all levels to maximize production runtime.