Sanitation-EfficiencySanitation Efficiency


Client Challenge

Sanitation is often considered necessary, but not a primary focus in some organizations. The procedure is often outsourced, leading to inconsistencies among operators when it comes to proper cleaning methods. There can also be overuse of cleaning materials and solvents or equipment damage caused by inept methods.

Sanitation duties are often not well coordinated, leaving operators with the need for supplies to clean the equipment properly. All of these factors lead to apathy, poor product quality, loss of production time and equipment damage.

Myrtle Approach

Myrtle Consulting Group assists clients in implementing a step-by-step organized and coordinated sanitation program that is carried out with military precision. Consultants train operators to do routine set-up, monitoring and self-maintenance. This leads to more on time start-ups with steeper ramp up curves.

Regular Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) along with a well-developed Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan will lead to effective sanitation. Adding Lean manufacturing concepts to a program design allows standardized activity and a competitive advantage of efficiency as well.